Royster Memorial Golf Course

Municipal nine hole golf facility located in the heart of Cleveland County. Come play with us today!

Ideas for a Golf Course arose when Dr. and Mrs. S.S. Royster announced the donation of approximately 50 acres of land to the City of Shelby for a new Municipal Park on April 26th, 1948. This land was developed and a nine hole course was dedicated as the Royster Memorial Golf Course as part of the Shelby Parks and Recreation Department.

This Golf Course is a unique pleasure to play because Shelby being a piedmont flat lands area, the course is filled with mountainous holes. Royster Memorial Golf Course offers many different programs for local patrons such as golf tournaments every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and hosts the City of Shelby Employee and Foothill’s Merry-Go-Round Festival Tournaments annually. The course is open 364 days a year, closed Christmas day